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Product Description

TRX Suspension Training is designed to improve your movement, strength, cardio vascular fitness, balance and co-ordination. Suspension training means using a suspension trainer to train whilst the other end of your body is suspended or in contact with the suspension trainer…

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The TRX essential Rip Trainer kit is for anyone looking to start their own TRX Rip™ Training program. It includes a Rip Trainer with a medium resistance cord, Basic Training Video Download, full colour reference guide, foam door anchor and nylon carrying bag.

TRX HOME gives you everything you need to build a better body at home or on the go. With a TRX HOME Suspension Trainer and anchor, a workout guide plus six bonus workouts — in 15 and 30-minute sessions — the TRX HOME Kit allows you to get the professional results you want on your schedule.

This TRX CPro Pack features our toughest, lightest Suspension Trainer, the 12-week TRX Tactical Conditioning Program and now includes the new ultra-enhanced TRX FORCE Super App that’s loaded with critical updates and added features.

  • Rip Trainer £190 GBP. Use at home or while travelling, Includes video download, 20 lb resistance cord and Mesh carrying bag
  • TRX Home Pack £198 GBP. Use at home or on the road, workout on your own schedule, mix & match digital exercise routines
  • CPro Pack £238 GBP. Used by US Military, weighs under 2 lbs, 12-week workout program, includes TRX FORCE Super App

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Rip Trainer (£190), Home Pack (£198), CPro Pack (£238)