Having worn ‘minimalist’ running shoes for a few years now, both on and off road, the time was right was try out Vivo barefoot shoes. Having suffered many running related injuries over the years, I was convinced that the overly cushioned, stabilised running shoes so well promoted to runners had caused me more problems than they had solved.

Reading ‘Born to Run’ made it all fall into place! So, I have now gradually increased the time running in my Vivo ‘the One‘ shoes since winning them in a competition with Fit the Occasion and I’m delighted with them. The sensation of being able to ‘feel’ your run is fantastic.

If you try them you will never go back to cushioned, stabilised shoes. I was told many years ago that I was a runner who over-pronated, but I truly believe if you work your leg musculature appropriately, they can deal with running in Vivos and allowing the feet to do their thing. Get the foundation right and the rewards are there for the taking – no more ‘Plodding sensation’ when running, just a lighter, more responsive, faster feeling!

– Gayle Tait (Competition winner and competitive runner)